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telemarketing list

Telemarketing List

Your telemarketing list selection is one of the most important pieces to the marketing puzzle for a successful ad campaign.

Telemarketing lists are a dime a dozen - but a highly targeted, clean telemarketing list of your best possible prospects is worth it's weight in gold! A quality telemarketing list plays an integral part in the success of any telemarketing campaign. The right telemarketing list can produce tremendous profits. The wrong telemarketing list will surely yield dismal failure; wasting your time, energy and resources.

Our telemarketing list experts do all of the necessary research, customer modeling and profiling to ensure the telemarketing list they recommend for your campaign is the best possible match. Our telemarketing lists can provide you with immediate access to hundreds of millions of business and residential names, addresses, phone numbers and hundreds of other specialty selects to help you find your ideal prospects.

A Telemarketing List Can Be Selected
By Many Different Criteria Including:

consumer telemarketing list Consumers
consumer telemarketing list Geography - By Area Code, Zips, County or State(s)
consumer telemarketing list Income
telemarketing list broker Age and date of birth
list broker for telemarketing list Children's age
consumer telemarketing list Ethnicity
consumer telemarketing list Vast Selection Of Special Interests & Hobbies
business telemarketing list Education
telemarketing list company Marital status
telemarketing list of businesses Homeowners
consumer telemarketing list Complete Mortgage Specs
telemarketing phone list New Homeowners
consumer telemarketing list Renters
consumer telemarketing list Credit Card Holders
consumer telemarketing list Derrogatory Credit / Declines
telemarketing list broker New Parents
telemarketing list company Pet Owners
consumer telemarketing list brokers Surname
consumer telemarketing list companies Length of Residence
list broker for consumer telemarketing list Mail & Catalogue Orderers

telemarketing list broker Businesses
business telemarketing listHundreds of Specific Job Titles & Contact Names
       (CEO, CFO, CIO, HR, IT, etc...)
consumer telemarketing listNumber of Employees
telemarketing list companyGeography - Area & Zip Codes, Cities, Counties and States
telemarketing listNumber Of Years In Business
business telemarketing listNew Businesses
telemarketing phone listHome-based Businesses
telemarketing call listOwner Occupied Buildings
business telemarketing calling listCredit Ratings
cold calling telemarketing listDecision Maker - Contact Name
business telemarketing listGender
consumer telemarketing listTelephone Number
residential telemarketing listGross Sales Volume
telemarketing list brokerSIC (NAICS) Industry Code
telemarketing list companyTelephone Verified Records
telemarketing listZip + 4 Records
list broker for telemarketing listTrademark Codes
telemarketing list of businessesPopulation Codes
telemarketing phone listProfessionals Per Office
business telemarketing listEthnic Surname
consumer telemarketing listCity Directory Files
business telemarketing listInsurance Company Files
telemarketing listHospital Directories
telemarketing list leadsLibrary Directories
business telemarketing servicesSchool Directories
telemarketing leadGovernment Records
business telemarketing listAnd much, much more!

We can provide you with almost any telemarketing list criteria combination you could ever imagine!

Do you need a telemarketing list of businesses within a 50 mile radius of Atlanta, that have 200+ employees and need the name of the Director of Human Resources? Do you need a telemarketing list of homeowners in owner occupied homes that are 15+ years old, with an income of $50,000 or more?

Your telemarketing list selection possibilities are endless. If the list exists, we can find it for you.

All of our telemarketing lists are available on manuscript, pressure sensitive labels, Cheshire labels, magnetic tape, diskette, CD-Rom, 3x5 cards, or they can be emailed directly to your PC the same day you place your order!

For more a free, no obligation telemarketing list recommendation, please fill out the form below, or Email us at
. . . or call us at (732) 842-8126 between 9am-6pm EST.

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Finding My Ideal Prospects
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list criteria / demographics you need:
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