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telemarketing Telemarketing to the right industries, those that will be highly responsive to your offer, is key to a successful telemarketing campaign.

Your best target market(s) for your B2B telemarketing program can easily be located by SIC code right here on our site by simply clicking on the letter the industry name begins with (above).

Standard Industrial Classification Codes (SIC Codes) are numerical codes designed by the U.S. Government in order to create uniform descriptions of business establishments.

SIC codes can be used to bring together companies that produce similar products or services. For instance, if you grow oranges on your farm, your neighbor grows lemon trees, and someone else cultivates limes, all of these activities are described by SIC Code #0174, "establishments primarily engaged in the production of citrus fruits."

SIC Codes are arranged in a very structured, hierarchical manner, as in the example above:

The first digit designates a major Economic Division, such as Agriculture or Manufacturing.

The second digit designates an Economic Major Group, such as Crop Production.

The third digit designates an Industry Group, such as Grains or Fruits.

The fourth digit fine tunes the hierarchical structure into a Specific Industry.

In 1999, the United States Government started to change the way they collected business statistics. Instead of gathering statistics based on traditional SIC Codes, they began to implement a new system, called the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS Codes).

NAICS and SIC are similar in concept, but the newer NAICS codes always contain 6 digits, and cover a much wider variety of industries, technologies, products and services, than the older SIC code system. NAICS identifies hundreds of new, emerging, and advanced technology industries. And NAICS reorganizes industries into more meaningful sectors--especially in the service-producing segments of the economy.

Unlike the system of SIC Codes which was used only in the United States, the NAICS was designed by a joint agreement between USA, Canada and Mexico. This 6 digit system will lend itself towards more uniform definitions and make it easier to compare US industrial statistics with economic data from other countries.

The introduction of NAICS as the industry classification system of the United States will have a profound effect on statistics published by the statistical agencies in the U.S. For the first time, data will be available on the Information sector; service industries never before identified in the SIC will be measured; and statistics published by the U.S. statistical agencies will be on a consistent basis with industry data provided by Canada and Mexico's statistical offices.

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